Housing Complex Dieburg

This property offers an extraordinary approach for your living requirements, with its combination of functionality and visual appearance. The concept of the building ?City Space-City Dream? offers all current standards of a modern apartment building. The high building standard of the apartments provides not only comfort and barrier-free access, but also longevity of the materials. These high quality products make living advantageous and energy savings feasible.
10 apartments can be found on 3 stories. Each of the two or three bedroom apartments as well as the maisonettes have their own cellar room in the basement. In addition, the apartments have either a balcony or a patio.

Macro-location ? Housing Complex Dieburg

Dieburg (county of Darmstadt-Dieburg) is a town, which has a population of roughly 15.000 citizens and an appreciable urban catchment. The association for consumer research shows an index of revenue of 114,2% in Dieburg. The geographically convenient location, close to the metropolises Darmstadt and Frankfurt as well as the good traffic connection to freeway B26 (Mainz-Darmstadt-Aschaffenburg-Würzburg) and B45 (Hanau-Eberbach-Heilbronn) have influenced the development of modern residential areas surrounding the historical city center. Part of Dieburg is a commercial and industrial area of 150 hectare, which is interesting for companies of all sizes.

Micro-location ? Housing Complex Dieburg

The location ?An der Brückenmühle? can be found in the center of Dieburg. The supreme attractiveness of this location is due to the closeness to the downtown area of Dieburg as well as unlimited mobility. An extensive and intact infrastructure is guaranteed. There is a direct connection to all public, social and cultural institutions. Retail, gastronomy, as well as pools and the Albinisch Castle are within walking distance. The superiority of available recreational activities makes this location very unique indeed. The town is conveniently located at the intersection of the freeway B26 and B45 and has perfect traffic connections to Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg.

Floor plan ? Housing Complex Dieburg