medical business center

Total area 6320 square meter + 86 parking lots

In the area of the TZ Rhein Main a multifaceted health, life-style and service center based on an integrative approach - the medical center - was completed in the beginning of 2010. The future-oriented idea places its main focus on the combination of medical care, preventative measures such as sports and wellness with work. Hence the mbc offers areas for a medical practice as well as an area for offices and commercial usages, which meet current requirements.
In addition to excellent traffic connection, the mbc offers special synergistic cooperation possibilities. Modern architecture and latest technology of this building provides a convenient basis for successful economic activities. The attractive appearance of the mbc is a perfect match for the high quality utilization of the property.
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Macro location - medical business center

Darmstadt is centrally located in the Rhein-Main region and has perfect traffic connection to the highways and freeways. Highway A661 as well as the connection to the "Darmst├Ądter Kreuz" of highway A5/A67 offers a smooth connection to the surrounding Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz und Mannheim metropolises. The main station offers connections to Stuttgart-Heidelberg-Frankfurt (via ICE) and Mannheim-Frankfurt (via IC). Regional trains connect to Mainz, Aschaffenburg and Erbach in Odenwald.

Micro location - medical business center

The B├╝rostadt West is located on both side of the B26 between the Autobahnkreuz Darmstadt and downtown. The object has a very good transport connection and a location close to the highway exit downtown Darmstadt. It is 7 minutes? walk to the main station, which has a daily volume of 40000 passengers, accordingly 10 million passengers per year. There are regional trains to Frankfurt as well as long-distance and ICE trains, which head in all directions. It takes only 20 minutes to drive to the airport Frankfurt using the A5.