• Friedensplatz - Darmstadt - Biskupek Scheinert Moog
  • Airbos - Egelsbach - Biskupek Scheinert Moog

Biskupek Scheinert Moog and partners

The BSM investor group was founded over 40 years ago by the founders Peter Biskupek and Ulrich Scheinert as the Biskupek/Scheinert investor group. Since the end of 2014, Roland Biskupek and Nicolas Moog have joined the group of shareholders, so that the now extensive real estate portfolio of the investor group can be professionally maintained and expanded over the next few decades.

The predominant portion of acquired and rented properties is reserved for office space, service industry, warehouses, and other trade and commercial premises. More recently, our company has broadened its palette to include residential properties. Biskupek Scheinert Moog and partners offer real estate in this sector with an added advantage: from the exclusiveness of their locations, thru their architecture as well as their interior design quality.