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Babenhausen has continuously evolved into an important place for trade and industry in the region Rhein-Main. Babenhausen stands out due to its perfect traffic connections. The federal streets B26 and B469 are directly connected (7 kilometer) to the highway A3 to Frankfurt/Wurzburg. The B26 and B45 offer a smooth connection to Darmstadt and Hanau. The main station has connections to Aschaffenburg/Darmstadt and Hanau/Erbach. Several schools, a town hall and a multi-purpose hall are in town.
The population has continuously grown over the last year. Currently 16300 habitants live in Babenhausen. For 1987 the population has had an increase of 17%. In Darmstadt-Dieburg the increase of population has been of 14% by comparison. It is assumable that the population will further increase. The regional zoning map of Sudhessen discloses 55 hectare of area for housing estate. The per capita purchasing power of 7% in the year 2001 is above the average.

Micro location - Discount supermarket

The location possesses the greatest concentration of retail space in Babenhausen.